I stumbled upon hair way before I had the slightest inclination I would become a hairdresser. While at University as part of the requirements in the business school I had to cut off my long hair. Choosing a business degree over my hair, I picked up my first pair of clippers and a hairdresser was born. 

While in cosmetology school I found a new creative outlet to express myself and fell in love with women's hair. 

I began training with Hector soon after receiving my license in 2016. Through Hector's mentorship I have learned to trust my eye and not be bound to one set of rules and gain an understanding of knowing when and where to utilize various techniques. 

I am inspired by each client, with hopes of using my art so each person can feel like the best version of themselves. I believe we have all been given gifts and what better way to utilize them than by using them to help others.