Creating the Hector Estrada Salon (which I originally cofounded as "Rubio & Raven") has been a life-long dream of mine. Born in a small, conservative town in Nayarit, Mexico, I struggled to find a sense of community that was accepting and supportive of my passion for beauty. My grandparents, however, served as inspiration and guidance, and were, in a sense, my greatest mentors.  They recognized my ability to see and create beauty, and fostered these talents throughout my early childhood. From observing them as they worked – my grandmother was a master seamstress and my grandfather a skilled barber – I understood very clearly that through the world of beauty, I could explore my creativity and individuality, and be of service to others.

 It was in my late teenage years that I decided to come to San Francisco, with the dream ofbecoming a hairdresser. My first few years in the US were filled with challenges. More than anything, I struggled with the language, having never even heard the English language before coming here. But I always felt a great sense of peace working with my clients and helping them be beautiful. 

After seventeen years of hairdressing, mentoring new stylists, and managing a salon,  I co-founded the salon, originally called Rubio & Raven, with Michael Caravas.  Several years later, as Michael moved on, I continued this journey with long-time friend and client, Donna Bernstein. Creatively, we believe in connecting with every client and helping each find their best look, complimentary to their individual style. We believe in compassion, humility and honest communication to form lasting relationships with our clients, while working together as a team. Further, I believe in getting to know the individual, who they are and what they care about––discovering the true essence of each person that sits in my chair.

I am very grateful to my clients, this city and this country for the opportunities I’ve had – and that’s inspired me to find ways to give back to the community. As a result, we at Hector Estrada Salon are collaborating with Project Happiness, a global non-profit, founded by Randy Taran, dedicated to empowering people of all ages through social and emotional resilience-building resources.  Project Happiness supports individuals in following their true passions in life to ultimately create greater happiness in themselves and within the world. Personally, working with my clients to bring out their inner and outer beauty brings me the greatest joy and continues to be my driving force in life. 

Now, with the launch of the Hector Estrada System line of products, I hope to make an even larger contribution to the work of Project Happiness, while creating an authentic, less expensive and high quality line of products for my clients, and new friends around the country and the world.