I have always been passionate about hair designing. I recall from a young age wanting to become a hairdresser and following that passion. So, I traveled to many different countries to gain more knowledge and experience with hairdressing. After studying and learning different cutting, coloring and styling techniques in a variety of places, I decided to come San Francisco to yet further my education. I was looking for an internship program while studying hairdressing at Skyline Community College, and luckily found the Hector Estrada Salon.

It didn’t take long, after beginning my new profession at Hector Estrada Salon, to realize that I had found everything I had been looking for. Hector’s techniques and skill inspired me from the very beginning, and am thrilled to have Hector as my mentor for my future career.

I love to do everything that has to do with hair and the ability to make clients feel happy and satisfied with what I am able to provide, as well as helping each client find the most suitable style for them.