MASTER Stylist


I started 2016 on a terrific note with a new group of talented stylists in a new city. It’s a joy to come to Hector Estrada Salon and immerse myself in a salon culture that truly loves hair. Each member is kind, dedicated, humorous and truly in love with hair individually and collectively.

The clients are as diverse as the stylists at Hector Estrada, which makes it a great environment. The clients are intelligent, know themselves and have great personal style. I’ve lived in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe. Now I'm in San Francisco, which is like no other place, a new culture and inspirational city for me to do hair in.

I’m moved by music, color, textures and scent, and hair embodies all those things for me.  I’m always inspired by beauty and movement, and this translates into my work. I dabble in sports & the arts, whether theater, furniture design, photography, cycling, paddle boarding or skiing, and more. I can get down and dirty on a trail ride and then be covered in lightener, color, hair fibers – with my fingers glued together – at the end of a salon day, but the satisfaction of being involved in, transforming and experiencing beauty is always the goal.

I’ve worked in Beauty, Fashion & Red Carpet. Whether in New York, LA, Tahoe or now SF, each city has its unique clientele. I enjoy working well with all types of people and lifestyles. I’ve been dressing hair for a lifetime and I’m continually growing and learning with each change inspired by new encounters.

As an avid road cyclist, mountain and downhill rider, I love that SF is a bike friendly city. As a kid I used to hurl myself down the middle of Fifth Avenue in NYC on a bike and the rush was incredible. I’ve always equated cities with bicycles. San Francisco feels very residential to me and it’s super easy to navigate on two wheels, which makes it feel like home. I love walking out in the neighborhood of the salon in the Lower Haight, where the gardens, homes, shops and the bustle are all in harmony.