I am so happy to be at the Hector Estrada Salon — I love the dynamic of the whole salon. Everyone works together and makes sure it feels like home. 

I love the energy at the salon — and the energy that comes from our clients! Everyone is excited to come in and be a part of our team and culture. I try to make sure every client knows that I am there to make them look and feel the best they can, and get to know them for who they are.

I’m very inspired by this environment, and I love learning from other stylists I work with. We have so much talent in one space, how could I not be inspired by that?   

One thing I really want clients to know is that I LOVE consulting with them before we begin. I feel that this is the most important step in any service I am providing. Being able to communicate and make sure we are on the same page is number one for me. 

On the personal side, outside of work I love exploring the city. I have been here for about seven years, and still love getting out and seeing what's out there. I also love baking... And doughnuts!!

San Francisco is a huge melting pot, which means a lot of cool and interesting people in a pretty small place. I love getting to know people, learning what they do and where they have been. Everyone's story is different, which is amazing! The Lower Haight neighborhood where we’re located is so central that we get people from all different neighborhoods, it keeps things lively and always new.